Is this a Genuine Studentnet® Site?

Studentnet® has been assisting schools since 1996. It became a separate business in 2008 providing computing resources to the Australian education community.

Studentnet's registered trade marks are:
Studentnet® – Registered Trade Mark 796793
Cloudwork® – Registered Trade Mark 1550282
Make the Cloud yours® – Registered Trade Mark 1480792
The Studentnet® logo – Registered Trade Mark 799597
and Isonet® – Registered Trade Mark 1022051.

Unfortunately, in the past the name was being used without our permission by several education institutes for the provision of network services, the class for which our trade mark is registered. After notification, those institutions ceased the use of our trade mark but confusingly, copies of those old websites may be retained at sites such as the Wayback Machine.

Why Do our Trademarks Matter?
There are real advantages to dealing with genuine Studentnet®, as you are protected in a number of ways:
How Do you Recognise Genuine Studentnet?®
  • Look for the notice that Studentnet® is a registered trade mark of Twin-K Computers Pty Ltd
  • Look for the Twin-K Computers Australian Business Number, ABN 90 001 966 892
What should you do if misled by a non-genuine site?